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Innovative Hog Trapping

The innovative technology and design of the Boarbuster makes it the most effective trap system on the market.

  • Mobile-Controlled

    Boarbuster is operated remotely using your mobile device or computer.

  • Suspended design

    The trap is suspended in the air by 3 legs which make it unnoticeable to the animals.

  • Easy Installation

    Simple and Straight forward design makes for easy trap assembly and management.

  • Quick Hog Removal

    With the feature of a sliding gate, live hog removal is made simple.

Available Camera Options

Standard Camera


3G AT&T Network


Live streaming black and white video

Color HD-Camera



AT&T or Verizon Network

Live streaming color video in high definition during daylight

Research has shown that feral hogs can cause more than $1.5 billion in damage to land & crops in the US each year.

Ranchers, Farmers, Hunters, State and National parks, and Golf courses, among many other demographics all feel the effect of this damage. They pose risks for disease transmission among livestock, pets, and humans, while competing with native wildlife and contaminating water supplies.

Research suggests that control methods must eliminate approximately 75% of the population just to keep up with the hogs annual reproductive capacity.


Simple Setup

The trap is comprised of 12 panels that are straightforward to put together. Boarbuster comes with a live feed camera that you operate through your smartphone or computer.



The Boarbuster works best if the hogs are conditioned to a bait source a few days prior to setting up the system. Sufficient bait is required to keep the hogs coming into the trap once it is set up.


Remote Activation

Boarbuster comes with either a standard camera or a Color HD camera upgrade. Both provide live video through your mobile device or computer and send you motion activated alerts through email or a text message. The trap is set off by your mobile device or computer.

Commercial Hog Trapping

We have the experience for Commercial Hog Trapping. From golf courses, commercial farms, and company properties. We have the experience and can handle all of it.

  • High Volume

    We have captured 1800+ Hogs in the past 2 years.

  • Our Own Equipment

    We can be on-site quickly with our own equipment.

  • The Best Traps

    The only company that uses the traps in the field!

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